Cotopaxi - Equador
This is the first volcano I visited... and the first time i was on such a high altitude.
(13 000 feet above sea level) Cold, windy, a little bit scary but magnificiant.
We went up the mountain in a jeep and for every 300 feet we climbed higher I could feel my head get more and more dizzy.
Thin air, low oxygene makes you feel tipsy and I giggled a lot. So it is quite fun to be on high altitudes... but you can also get altitude sickness which makes you suffer from headache, feeling sick and weak.

Kilauea - Hawaii
We valked across the lava fields for about 10 miles before we reached the flood of red glowing lava.
It is quite hard work to walk on lava fields, fresh lava is sharp, and has often cracked into pieces.
It is a very strange, surrealistic feeling to poke the pouring lava with a stick.
It was flaming hot and I could feel the smell of burnt rubber from my shoes.

Etna - Italy
This was the lazy way of climbing a volcano.
We went by bus the first 6000 feets, after that there was a funicular and then we went by jeep the last steep part.
Etna was cold and windy, lots of clouds covering the wievs - but still, it is always a fantastic experience to reside in the harsh, grey green red dusty lava.

Mauna Kea - Hawaii
14000 feet over sea level the air is thin, cold and crispy. The wind bites the cheeks and I got dissy and giggly from the lack of oxygene.
It is hard to move and you get to take really deep breaths just not to faint.
We went up to 14000 feet by car in just a few hours which is far too fast, your body need time to acclimate to the altitude.
Through a telescope I had the chance to get a closer look at our sun, I could see the solar eruptions like thin stings exploding into the universe.
In the evening the sunset was one of the most beautiful and spectacular I have ever seen, all red, oragne, yellow and magnificiant.

Stromboli - Italy
We walked up to the top of Stromboli in august 2013.
It was steep, sweaty but well worth the effort.
Stromboli has eruptions from two gas pockets every fifteenth minute. We sat on the top of the volcano, looking down into the crater of boiling lava.
Over our heads the Milky Way was glimmering.